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Международной деятельностью в РГГМУ занимаются Управление международных связей и Управление по работе с иностранными студентами

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Отзывы иностранных студентов и студентов граждан Российской Федерации, проходивших обучение, в рамках программ академической мобильности Eranet-Plus и Eranet-Mundus

Отзыв студента из Испании Оскара Алекса Фернандеза Мора.

For me no was my first time that I was studying abroad, but ever is good experience travel and study. The academic plan was accurate and the teachers were friendly in every moment and they helped you when you needed. They taught not only russian language in my case; was helpfully learn history, literature, politics and russian culture for me. The responsable of the IRO and director of the programme of the RSHU was kindly. I recommend study abroad. In a sooner future my work and my life i hope that will be in Russia. I am happy that i had this oportunity for improving my skills in russian language. And ever is good idea combine studies with a stay in a beautiful city like Saint Petersburg (I prefer call this city Leningrad). I have met a lot of interesting people from diferent countries and cultures, and it's enrichment.

Отзыв студента из Словакии Дариуса Хрено.

Eranet-Mundus program is an well organized opportunity for everyone. My stay at Russian Hydrometeorological University was a wonderful experience. Not only i had a chance to live in foreign country and met people from every corner of the world (Russians, Catalans, Spaniards, Colombians, Filipinos, Uzbeks, Ecuadorians, Pamirians etc.) but also i had a chance to study my field of study with local students in regular classes hosted by very nice and profesional professors. Stay in Saint Petersburg gave me an insight to culture of Russia and taught me that we are not so different after all. This experience enchanced me both profesionaly and humanly, i will definitelly remember this time forever.


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